Why Muttant Mudds Deluxe is GREAT!



Last month a little game called Mutants Mudds Deluxe went free on PS VITA for PS Plus members so I tried it and this is what happened. For those who don’t know what’s PS Plus it is the subscription service of Playstation that gives games away for free  once a week each week for all their platforms ( it is awesome).






The studio that created this game is Renegade Kids who mostly do games for DS and 3ds, but this game was so good they relunch it on all the platforms they could.

I downloaded the game on Monday, without too much expectations to be honest, I knew the game was for 3DS but nothing really click me back then, never put too much attention to it neither. The first thing to notice is that the graphics are beautiful it remain me of Super Mario World mix with Super Mario Bros. instant nostalgic call right from the start. The music is right on, very adventurist right for cheering anyone up.


There is nothing stunning on the graphics but it is a very polish and well design world, the enemies look muddy as you would infer from the title and the main character is very charming, his name is Max.

2013-12-18-073243 MM1

He has to go through all the levels and get the final medal, each level has a hundred diamonds to collect and an alternative secret stage which contains another medal. for a 100% level, complete all the levels and you will get the phantom levels, where enemies are complete that and you will see 😉 there very much to do and do not get confused by the look of the game it gets hard, not impossible, but hard enough to give a good feel of accomplishment when you get it all.


Max, can jump shoot water bubbles and hover for a short time in the air. There is three different upgrades for each of this abilities  that will make some stage easier or harder, some collectibles are impossible to get without the right upgrade making things a little more interesting and make you think a little before entering a stage.

The coolest mechanic that is very VERY well implemented is the jumps to the background and the front of the screen. Making some good use of this mechanic is very very important to advance and complete the game.


I don’t want to spoil nothing important although there is no too much of a story to spoil anyways. It is a very addictive game for me, very rewarding well design I can see the influence of Super Mario, the Wario game for Virtual Boy(yeah!) and other top platformers.

I highly recommend to download it and play it at full, But it is weird because I don’t think I would have play it If wasn’t on the PS Plus free game list, out of ignorance not the game fault. I will wait until a steam sale or very 50% discount sale on any platform it is in ALL of them even iOS. But i don’t support phone gaming so GTFO!


that’s all folks! cya!

 Version en español


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