About Youtube CP Claim fiasco

I am a very Very small youtuber, reviewer letsplayer when there is less time, and even though i made insignificant money out of yt revenue I saw an oportunity to migrate to dailymotion, I will have my videos uploaded in both sites in the meantime.

The bottom line is that it is very hard to understand that big corporated companies think today that FREE publicity is bad for them, the very very basic element that make Videogames a diferent media than movies, tv, radio and books is the Video sound interactivity, interactivity is not present while watching a video on youtube.

“X” person playing “y” game, equals “c” experience for the “d” viewer. So of course that if I found out that a person is having that much fun with a game, I would like to have it. If the game is bad I’ll not even watch the video, let alone buy the game. And don’t talk about buying a game i know nothing about, that time is past, doesn’t work that way anymore.

So yea, this is a bad move for you, for viewers, for video makers, for companies, no one wins. The goal of this copyright tool is to allow companies to protect their ip’s, that’s good, but they are using it to, make money out of other peoples work, or get the same results just not allowing no one to do it permanently. Ultimately they will archive nothing if there is no videos to see, and Youtube will be no more.

Out of all the possibles results I wrote here, does any make sense to anyone?.

video makers unite!